Blacksmithing and Creative Metalwork Courses

with Master Blacksmith Melissa Cole FWCB

Have you ever wanted to try traditional blacksmithing?


Forged Birds Steves Bracket
Do you want to create an original metal sculpture for your home or garden?
Are you looking for an exciting Christmas, birthday or house-warming gift?

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Come on a one day course in the Pewsey Vale, near Marlborough, Wiltshire where you can spend a day learning to work the forge and use traditional and modern techniques to create your own forged metal sculpture or functional object for the house or garden.

With only two people on each one day course you will be using your own anvil and tools to learn how to forge a taper, punch a hole, split, upset, bend and scroll hot metal using a traditional coal forge.

You will start by forging a simple ‘S’ shaped hook which covers basic forging; drawing down a point, scrolling, using the anvil and managing your fire. The rest of the day is spent making a piece to your own design.


Examples of pieces made on one-day blacksmithing courses:

Candlesticks, pokers, tongs, hanging brackets, cutlery stand, door handles, birds, tools, door stays, trivets, garden sculptures…

Longer courses are available; two or three days for developing your skills or focusing on metal sculpture projects over a longer period of time.


To see more examples go to

24 / 25th January 2019



February 2019



29th March 2019


April - May dates TBC








Autumn 2019








I run a limited number of courses, usually during the last week of each month, incorporating school holidays where possible. Courses run October to May usually the last MONDAY and FRIDAY of the month. Please note that I fit the courses in between commissioned work which is my main work. Contact me if you have a specific date in mind and I will try to fit you in.


Only £140 per person including materials

All protective equipment and tools will be provided - you will need to bring lunch and ideas for what you would like to make!


What makes your course different? - My course is only two people per day and you get to make your own design rather than a 'make this design poker' kind of course. You do need to have a few ideas to bring with you - look online or do some photos or sketces of your own to bring with you. I am happy for you to make a poker or a more experimental piece of forge work - my courses is more flexible in approach than some other courses.

What can I make in a day? - Very hard for me to say without having seen you with a hammer - I use the S hook making exercise as a guide to tell me what you should be able to achiev on one of my day courses. Look at the Flicker site to see examples of what has been made on my other day courses.

Is it hard work?- I try to make sure that you do get the full experience of working as a blacksmith and you will be stood up mostly all day! It can be hard on your hands if you are not used to working with a hammer all day but I try to ensure that I choose the right size material for you based on how you get on with your S hook!

What do other people say about your course? - 'It's a bit different to other blacksmithing courses I have done - you (Melissa) focus on refining technique and quality of work rather than a bash it out kind of day.' + 'V and N really enjoyed it - I was delighted and amazed at what they produced in one day. Very proud of their hard work and yours!

(Please note - I do not make blades! This is a specialist course you can do elsewhere!)

To make a reservation or buy a gift voucher valid for one year (for January 2019 onwards) please contact me.

(Please note; for courses cancelled with less than 14 days notice, the deposit can not be refunded but can be used to purchase items from stock or towards commissions.  For unwanted vouchers; they can be refunded within 12 months: there is an admin charge of £10.00 for this. Or the full value of the voucher can be used towards buying an item in stock or a commissioned item)


"Thank you for introducing me to the amazing world of blacksmithing. I am particularly grateful for your patience (which must have been sorely tested as yet another scroll went AWOL) - the three days were great fun".

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great day at your forge yesterday. I had a fantastic time. In case it's of interest, I have done a short post on my blog about our outing. You can find it at


"I just want to write and thank you for a brilliant day. I learned a lot, had fun and came away with a finished product far exceeding my expectations. I gained a real appreciation for the art and skill of working with metal and just how much you can transform a piece of metal by heating it and manipulating it".